Ingredient Research

knowledge is the most powerful tool we have.

This information has been gathered together for your use and consideration.  Every effort has been made to provide you with both benefits & potential risks of each and we welcome the submission of any useful information that may not be included in the resources listed.  Please keep in mind these important facts:

These ingredient summaries are not written strictly from a scientific viewpoint.  Many of the included resources link to sites that are more scientific in nature and much of the information in the summaries has been gathered from those sites.  However, our goal was to make the information and resources meaningful and useful to our customers and provide a starting point for more in-depth research of ingredients commonly used in mainstream, organic and natural beauty products.

The information provided is in summary form.  It is not exhaustive and does not include every characteristic (known or suspected) of each ingredient.  Our intent is to provide you with foundational information about ingredients commonly found in natural and organic baby products, skin care and hair care and that this information will serve as a useful tool along with more detailed information from outside sources.

The summaries were written by people with opinions about these issues.  The goal was to provide a balanced view of each, but not necessarily a completely unbiased view.

In all likelihood, not all applicable information has been included.  These summaries will be continually reviewed and updated as new information comes to our attention – either through our own research or through submissions from our customers and others.

The use of EWG’s Cosmetic Database is an excellent means of gathering basic information about ingredients and products. Learn more about how to effectively use this site to make sure you are benefiting from all it has to offer.