Should You Get Your Kids A Tablet

Children are going high tech as parents have been keeping them busy with games on their smart phones or tablets to avoid tantrums in public places or long car rides. There are also a lot of educational games that can help your children learn and boost their knowledge and skills. There are a lot of affordable tablets nowadays and some are even made specifically for kids – the best tablets under 200  are a hit in the market and you know you can afford getting one for your kid. As a responsible parent, do you think getting your kids their own tablet is a good idea? Getting your kids a tablet is totally safe as long as you practice these precautions:

Limit screen time

Having a tablet will cause your kids to sit still for hours but it is also important that your kids go outside and play and have activities that will work on their body’s strength. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that infants under the age of two should have no screen time at all while children over two should have no more than two hours a day.

Parental control settings

For tablets that are not child-friendly, Android and Apple allows you to set up parent controls which helps determine the age rating for games, apps, movies, and TV shows that can be accessed and downloaded. Some also have a Restrictions menu that allows you to temporarily remove the features that you do not want your kids to use such as the browser.

Disable Wi-Fi

For kids under 5, they usually tap everywhere until they get the hang of what the game wants them to do. When the tablet is connected to the Internet, they can tap on ads, send some pictures, etc. without your knowledge. One sure-fire way to prevent this is to download games and child-friendly apps that do not need the Internet connection to run. That way, the tablet still works for them without going online.