Are you Ready to Try 5a yoyo Tricks? Get Some Info Here

The nice thing about playing the yoyo is the flexibility and variety it provides.  The charm of the yoyo is most probably because of the many tricks one can do with the yoyo.  5a yoyo tricks are very popular.  Yoyo players who use 5a yoyo tricks are considered amazing yoyo players. More information on best yoyo for beginner to intermediate on yoyo guide.

But, what is a 5a yoyo and what are the tricks you can do with it?

Some Basic Information About a 5a yoyo

If you are new to 5a yoyo, you need to know some basic information about this type of yoyo.  To help you get started, here are a few essential information about a 5a yoyo:

  • 5a yoyo is also called freehand yoyo. 5a yoyo is considered a freehand style of playing yoyo because 5a yoyo players use a counterweight to play.
  • A counterweight in 5a yoyo is used to enable a yoyo player to play different tricks. A player using a 5a yoyo does not attach the strings to his fingers.  Instead, the string of a 5a yoyo is attached to a counterweight.  This leaves the hand “free” to control the string.
  • Players who wish to play 5a yoyo tricks can use the 1A yoyo. However, experts advise 5a yoyo enthusiasts to get yoyos that were specifically designed for 5a yoyo tricks.
  • A 5a yoyo can come bundled with weights that come in different sizes and shapes.
  • For a 5a yoyo beginner, experts recommend a soft weight, such as a rubber ball.

Amazing 5a yoyo Tricks You Can Try

The list of 5a yoyo tricks can go on and on.  The most popular 5a yoyo tricks are probably the Helicopter and the 360.  With a 5a yoyo you can also do a Pendulum wrap, a Nun chuck, the Umbrella, 5A Binds and Bee Sting.