cosmetic ingredients

it just shouldn’t be this hard.

Salon Naturals relies on a few very simple concepts regarding ingredient selection for our natural beauty products:

Performance matters. Healthy, safe, natural skin products and hair products that sit on the shelf or get tossed because they don’t result in beautiful, touchable skin or hair are of no value to anyone. Salon Naturals strongly believes that compromising either “beauty for health” or “health for beauty” should never be a decision you need to make.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Ease of use, convenience and familiarity are necessities for most of us. Once personal care becomes a burden rather than a time to pamper and relax, the “wellness” aspect diminishes significantly.

Fragile products are not a reasonable option. Compromising the viability or shelf-life of products in the pursuit of ingredient safety is a dangerous game to play. Even invisible contamination can be more toxic than some of the scariest ingredients out there. Safe, effective, paraben-free preservation is critical.

Do no harm. It is not easy to create products that are good for the hair and skin, safe for the body, supportive of human rights, cruelty-free AND respectful of the environment. But it can be done and we believe it MUST be done.
If you would like to learn more about the ingredients in Salon Naturals’ products or in other mainstream, natural or organic body products you use, visit our Learning Center or email us with your questions. We are more than happy to help.


proper perspective.

The temptation to “dress” our products continually nags.  Colorful bottles with eye-catching geometric shapes that jump off the page and inspire excitement are appealing – even to us.  We have tossed about more than one potential justification for all the fun this would be….thankfully there is always at least one voice of reason reminding the rest of the bigger picture.

Salon Naturals is committed to using the smallest amount of packaging possible for all of our products.  Beyond ensuring that the products are properly protected and arrive safely and intact, packaging becomes more of a marketing component than anything else.  For a company committed to minimizing our environmental impact, this becomes difficult to justify regardless of the fun it might be.

The majority of Salon Naturals natural beauty products are packaged in HDPE recylcable bottles or tubes. This is the most frequently and easily recyclable plastic in the world today AND one of the safest.  We do use plastic jars when necessary and we are also working to identify reliable sources of even more eco-conscious alternatives that will further minimize the burden organic beauty products cause for the environment.

Learn more about how to recycle your cosmetic containers & find out the types of products that can be and are being made from recycled plastic. Contact us at Salon Naturals with any questions you may have.  We’d love to hear from you.


carbon neutral. every time.

Shipping is a huge part of our business, and a solid strategy is necessary to feel good about it.

Less is more. We use minimal packaging & packing materials. Our shipping boxes are between 30% & 50% recycled and 100% recyclable. Smaller orders are shipped in 100% recycled envelopes.

Reduce & reuse. Most of the packages we send out are protected using materials we receive from our own suppliers, and as often as possible, we reuse our boxes as well.

Carbon-neutral shipping is non-negotiable for us. All of our shipping – whether it’s raw materials coming to us, or finished products going out to our customers – is offset 100%.
Our search for more environmentally sensitive shipping alternatives is ongoing and we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Please contact us!


more a privilege than a duty.

Salon Naturals’ giving has grown comparatively with the expansion of the company, and this will always be true. Opportunities to improve the quality of life for others are viewed as treasured gifts, and we are eager to help!

Within our corner we…

Donate products to local non-profits supporting economically challenged moms and dads in our community.
Host free how-to workshops for those interested in purchasing healthier foods and organic or natural beauty products to bring into their homes.
Work with teens to educate them about the hair, bath and natural skin care products they use, the foods they eat, and how these impact their personal health and that of the environment.
Beyond our corner we…

Partnered with Trees for the Future to plant one tree for every retail product sold.
Partnered with Rainforest Action Network as they continue to work toward improving social, economical and environmental policies concerning Palm Oil Trees.
Continually work to identify additional organizations and opportunities and contribute to meaningful projects that have an impact on us all.
Do you know of a non-profit who might be a good fit for our sharing program? Let us know!